Long Beach Island Beach Portrait Photography

beach portrait photographers sea girt (2)You came to the right place if you are looking for Long Beach Island Beach Portrait Photographers. Most of my portrait sessions at the beach are taken on Long Beach Island.  From Barnegat Light to Holgate all throughout the summer you can find me driving up and down the Boulevard getting from appointment to appointment.  From multiple generational family portraits to the one year old on the beach; the photographers at Rob Wilson Photography can handle any situation.  When doing your due diligence finding the right photographer  pay attention to the photographers portfolio by making sure they have a lot of example of what you want. For instance, if you are Long Beach Island Beach Portraitlooking to have your extended family  photographed make sure that you see a lot of examples. More often than not, family beach portrait photographers have a lot of examples of five year old on the beach looking good enough but their work falls apart with their family portrait especially when there are more than four people in a photograph.   The photographer should also have examples of beach photography with more of a candid approach.  A seasoned photographer usually will have a lot of great examples.  A lot of LBI is finally getting some dune grass back. Hurricane Sandy washed most of it away. There’s an okay amount from 3North Beach to Barnegat Light, a little from Surf City to Ship Bottom and they are just getting it together north of that. The beaches on Long Beach Island are much wider than in years past, so there’s a little bit more of a trek to the water’s edge but it’s worth the walk.  The beach portrait sessions typically start about an hour and fifteen minutes before sunset. Any earlier (unless it is cloudy) the sun is too bright, often so bright that the subjects can’t even look into the camera.  It also makes for drastic shadows.  The great thing about beach portraits at the correct time on LBI (this isn’t often the case on a lot of the other beaches) is that most of the beach goers are inside showering getting ready for dinner so the beach are empty. Often small children and pre-teens don’t like an audience when being photographed.   Call us at (800) 757-3491 or email us at rob@rwilsonphotography.com when you are ready to schedule your appointment or just to chat.

Long Beach Island Beach Portrait Photographers