New Jersey Family Beach Portrait Photographer

New Jersey Family Beach Portrait Photographer

I am very fortunate to be a New Jersey Family Beach Portrait Photographer

A word from Rob Wilson – Founder of Wilson Photography

The month of January I always reflect to see what changes I can make to serve my clients better.  A few years back, I added an additional photographer because I was personally booking up for the whole summer. This was a big deal for me, letting someone else do what I only have done for my entire adult life! This year I have some ideas that I will be implementing by the start of the next a spring headshot linkedinportrait season.

 I take my craft seriously my goal has always been to attract clients that appreciate that.  However, I do understand that what I do for a living  isn’t as important to everyone as it is me. I understand that that a large part of the people that originally contact me don’t yet understand how important that the portraits that I create will be to them as their children and grandchildren get older.  One thing that I often think about it how I attract exactly the same clients that I want. I am not sure if this is luck or if my clients can see how much I care through my effort with how my beach portrait photography turns out.

I search the web too…..once in a while

I don’t do this as often as I should.  I’m not sure if this is good or bad but a couple of times a year I check to see what is out there. As far as beach portrait photographers. My mother always told me that if I don’t have something nice to say that I New Jersey Beach Portrait Photographer Rob Wilsonshouldn’t say it at all. This is why I am going to think before I type. When I view the work of many of the New Jersey beach portrait photographers, I can’t help to think that they don’t always have it together. They do a fine job of the four year old girl in the white dress against the dunes. However, when the groupings start getting to be of four people or more it no longer resembles the impact that they create with the single child.

I’ve been doing this for a while.

I’ve been a photographer since 1993 and thirteen of those years I worked under two master photographers. The feedback that I received regarding my work after each session was intense. It seemed like every session I did something wrong. Mostly little things. The fingers pointed forward instead of to the side. The mothers head not tilted into the family instead outward from the family.

“Rob, it looks like the mom doesn’t like her family and she’s trying to get away, don’t let that happen again”.  We are talking centimeters here!  The constant critique made me the photographer I am today. It made me realize it’s the subtle things is why I am able to attract the exact clients that I want to work with. “CLIENTS THAT GET IT”. A marketing buddy once told me that if your clients “don’t get it” then you aren’t doing a good enough job for them to get it.  She was right.

Your New Jersey Family Beach Portrait Photographer

If your future family beach portrait is something that means more to you then a bunch of Facebook likes then Wilson Photography is the New Jersey Family Beach Portrait Photographer for you. It is not that I don’t like a bunch of Facebook likes,
New Jersey Family Beach Portrait Photographerit’s just that I cringe when potential clients call and that’s their major concern.  It seems like I fail when this happens. How could this be that the person that I’m talking to doesn’t “get it”. I work too hard for people to get it!  Seriously though, I do understand that it’s just not a big deal to everyone so every morning I check my ego at the door.

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Some the towns we capture our family portraits in but not all are:

Sea Girt, Manasquan, Bayhead, Lavallette, Point Pleasant Beach, Long Branch, Monmouth Beach, Long Beach Island, LbI


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