What to get your parents when they already have everything they want?

Or do they have everything they want?  If they don’t have a portrait with their children and grandchildren then it’s my bet  they don’t have everything they want. Seaside Heights Beach PhotographerRumor has it, there’s nothing like grandchildren. I wouldn’t know since my twins are only ten years old. However, there is one thing I know for certain and that grandparents desperately want a portrait with their children and grandchildren. They often schedule these appointments themselves. However, on occasion, their children come up with the idea. It’s typically because of a milestone the grandparents reached. Whether it’s a 50th wedding anniversary or a 70th birthday. Let’s face it, we all hit an age where the materialistic things don’t matter as much, and we are looking for something that has meaning. Most would agree that a family portrait, especially an extended family portrait with the grandparents is something special.  

Our extended family portrait sessions are typically taken at the beach while everyone is vacationing together. The beach makes it the perfect time and backdrop for this. It’s the perfect time because everyone is usually on vacation and they are more relaxed. With a typical portrait session often, families are juggling their day around soccer, dance, gymnastics, baseball and every other activity that’s available. When they are vacationing down the Jersey Shore all these distractions are put on hold for a week or two. The beach will do that to a person.

If your parents have a big milestone coming up or you just want to say thank you to them, one of the ways to do this is to organize a family portrait session with your family, your sibling’s family and your parents. It’s something that they’ll be very grateful for.

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