Jersey Shore Photographer

Jersey Shore Photographer

Jersey Shore PhotographerJersey Shore Photographer Rob Wilson has been photographing families and children on the beaches of New Jersey for over fifteen years.  Our Jersey Shore Photographers have always stood by their authenticity and dedication to the field.  Our clients, many of which we have been photographing for years, come to us seeking out a photographer who can capture the beauty of their family, without any gimmicks.  They are more interested in the value of a quality photograph that they can display in their home for years to come.

Our goal in photographing families is not for you to get the most number of Facebook likes, although it is always nice to see this. Instead my focus has always been, and will continue to be, providing the family with an authentic family heirloom to display on their wall for years to come.

You won’t find any fly by night fad photography here, just genuine authenticity capturing a lasting image of your family.

Whether it’s Long Beach Island, Sandy Hook or any place in-between our photographers will create a family portrait for you that you will cherish forever.

What separates you from the other Jersey Shore Photographers?

First and foremost we take our craft very seriously. We are craftsmen and craftswomen.  Our goal is to create family heirlooms that you will be proud of and past the test of time.  Very few beach portrait photographers can consistently pose families of four people to extended families of thirty.   Grouping families is not something that is learned over night. It takes the average photographer well over five years to get to the point where they can photograph families and children at a high level which most never achieve.  We don’t do this “on the side”  like most  these days. Besides the well posed family portraits our photographers can capture a more photo-journalistic approach. The photographers at Rob Wilson Photography all been full time professionals for at least fifteen years.