LBI Photographer – Long Beach Island

LBI Photographer Long Beach IslandRob Wilson Photography specializes in LBI Photographer Long Beach Island beach portrait photography. Rob has been photographing families up and down the beautiful beaches of New Jersey for over twenty years. Whether it’s LBI or any other beach in NJ Rob Wilson Photography will capture your family portrait photographers can.  Creating family heirlooms at arboretums, parks, homes and beaches is what the photographers at Rob Wilson Photography does best.

LBI Photographer Long Beach Island

There aren’t many photographers that are good at photographing families. The dynamics of a whole family together is interesting and I have learned that my family isn’t the only family that’s not perfect. They are fun. I get a lot of calls people asking me if I take candid photos because they don’t like the posed stuff. I do a good amount of family portrait sessions of three, four and five people and I take a lot of interacting portraits which I enjoy. As much as my clients like them it’s rarely that they will make that the “big one”. It takes just as much skill to get a great interacting type portrait as it is posing a group of twenty-five on the beach. Often it even takes more time. As much as people like a candid approach they also want to look good. As much as parents like the idea of their children walking down the beach looking at each other they still want to see enough of their children’s faces. I need to do this where everybody looks natural….not posed. The only thing worse than a badly pose group of twenty five on the beach are a bunch of “glorified candids” where the first thing you notice are double chins on everybody who don’t normally have double chins.  Even people with double chins don’t like their double chins never-mind people that  normally don’t have one.


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