New Jersey Beach Portrait Photographer Rob Wilson

New Jersey Beach Portrait Photographer Rob WilsonNew Jersey Beach Portrait Photographer Rob Wilson been photographing children and families up and down the Jersey Shore coastline for over twenty years.Photographing large groups may seem easy at first glance, however you will notice when you visit other photographer’s websites you will see that often most photographers don’t have a lot of examples of extended families or if they do they aren’t any good.  It’s because it takes years to get to the level where your constancy is to the point where a photographer can do a great job with each and every portrait session.  Back in my day a young photographer out of college was able to get a job at a studio and learn their craft. These days there are barely any studios mostly because people aren’t into the stiff type of portraiture that was so popular in the 80s.  These young inspiring photographers really don’t have anyone to learn from so they never get better. When I was in my twenties I had two master photographers critiquing my work every single day and it help me become the photographer that I am today.  For over a year I didn’t even photograph one single family. I would assist the owners in each session, loading film (remember those days!), getting props ready, and simply observing.  Posing is just one part of it.  The psychological aspect of portrait photography is pretty amazing. Getting a crying to year old to recover in just a few family portrait photographers bay head new jerseyminutes and capturing great portraits isn’t something that is taught over night.  The first time this happens to a photographer they can feel helpless.  One thing is for sure, if you are having your family portrait or extended family portrait taken you want is a photographer that can hold their own in these types of situations.  With over twnety years of experience, one thing is for sure, nothing will happen at your session that hasn’t happened to me already. So contact the New Jersey Beach Portrait Photographer  Rob Wilson to find out more information. You can call at (800) 757-3491 or email


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